Feministische Vernunftkritik : eine Zwischenbilanz

Verfasst von: Nagl-Docekal, Herta
in: L' homme
Wien; Köln; Weimar : 1997 , 21 - 29 S.

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Einrichtung: Ariadne | Wien
Formatangabe: Artikel
Verfasst von: Nagl-Docekal, Herta
In: L' homme
Jahr: 1997
Sprache: Deutsch
The paper attempts to provide a brief summary of the "feminist critique of reason". It claims that, generally speaking, three different approaches have envolved. Thile sharing the central concern to expose the masculine connotations typically associated with the concept of "reason", these three line of argumentation differ with regard to the alternative conceptions they suggest. some authors (!) plead for a complete "dismissaln of the Logos", whereas others (2) advocate a concept of difference, focussing on "women's way of knwoing", or (3) call for a "feminist epistemologty" that redefines the notion of objectivity. The paper also points out some overdrawn forms of critique that might impair the consistency of a feminist discussion of "reason"
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